Team Photos, Corporate headshots Sydney

Large team corporate photos look professional, up-to-date and can really add credibility to a business. However, a large team photo can be difficult to organize and difficult to photograph due to the space constraints of the studio, getting the whole team together for an appointment and making sure everyone is happy with their image.
Typically, you may eventually get your group photo done, but what happens when you need to add a staff member or a staff member leaves the team?  Re-shooting can be costly if you factor in the time of getting everyone back to the studio.

The solution is to create a composite team photo like we did for this office of real estate agents. Each agent comes to us for their individual head shot and full length portrait. Everything is shot on a white background and then deep etched to give a perfect cut-out of the image. If team photo is required we can combine the individual images to create a large composite team photo. we can even create several different team photos such as a sales team photo or a property management team photo etc. 

And if a staff person leaves it's easy enough to remove a person and create a new team photo at a minimum expense, and it also caters to individual portrait needs. Great for trainers, teachers, board of directors, financial and various corporate teams.


Individual staff photos taken over time

A team composite image made up many individual images.