Executive portrait - glasses or no glasses?

We have been photographing the management team of  the Bureau of Health for some time now. Recently a Dr. Jean-Frederic Levesque was appointed as the new Chief Executive and came to us for his corporate photo.

This ensures that his images matches the rest of the team.

As Dr. Levesque only wears his glasses sometime we decided to do some photos with and without glasses and let him choose his favorite image afterwards.

So should you have your photo taken with or without glasses? It's really a matter of personal choice.  If you think people will recognize you without glasses then go ahead and try it without them. on the other hand if you always wear glasses we suggest you also wear them for the photoshoot.

Photographing with glasses can be tricky as there are reflections and glasses can cause some distortions. However we have a lot of experience and always ensure we find the best angle for you whether you are wearing glasses or not. 

Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque - Chief Executive