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Our Executive Woman Package - Sydney headshots

Della recently booked our Executive Woman Package. The package includes professional hair and makeup, 2-3 outfit changes and 5 fully retouched images. 

The package is perfect for anyone who needs a variety of images e.g. for LinkedIn, website, Bio pic etc. Being able to change your outfit means you can tailor each image for a specific look and purpose.

Executive portrait - glasses or no glasses?

We have been photographing the management team of  the Bureau of Health for some time now. Recently a Dr. Jean-Frederic Levesque was appointed as the new Chief Executive and came to us for his corporate photo.

This ensures that his images matches the rest of the team.

As Dr. Levesque only wears his glasses sometime we decided to do some photos with and without glasses and let him choose his favorite image afterwards.

So should you have your photo taken with or without glasses? It's really a matter of personal choice.  If you think people will recognize you without glasses then go ahead and try it without them. on the other hand if you always wear glasses we suggest you also wear them for the photoshoot.

Photographing with glasses can be tricky as there are reflections and glasses can cause some distortions. However we have a lot of experience and always ensure we find the best angle for you whether you are wearing glasses or not. 

Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque - Chief Executive

Corporate real estate photography

I always enjoy seeing the results of our work out there and how it is being used by companies. It is a good reminder just how important it is to always do the best job possible.  

It's also important to see what the final product looks once it is printed. It's valuable feedback and allows us to plan future shoots both in terms of post production but also in how to pose and arrange people as in this case.

Here is the Chadwick Lindfield real estate flyer that was just delivered to our studio.  

Chadwick Real Estate, Lindfield Office

Final composite image delivered to the client

So all that looks fine, however logistically it's not always possible to get all the staff from a office into the studio at the same time. Especially when staff travel frequently, are on the road or are just hard to pin down.  

We understand that and therefore often photograph staff individually when it suits them to come to the studio and then create a team photo by combining the individual images together on one photograph. 

In addition this enables us to add or remove a staff members as required without having to get all the staff back into the studio for a new staff photo when someone leaves or joins the team.  

We are all about helping our clients to save money and making the process as easy as possible.


Individual staff photos

Individual staff photos

Corporate headshot - a multipurpose shoot

Paul from Alchemy Equities contacted us recently about getting some corporate headshots done urgently for an upcoming public relations piece.

While we were doing the photoshoot we made sure we covered a range of different looks.  After all you never know when you need a photo of yourself in a hurry and for what purpose. 

With Paul we covered all the bases including a formal headshot with tie perfect for an annual report or formal publication. But we also included images with no tie which are slightly more relaxed and friendly which would be great for a LinkedIn profile photo or website image.
And then we have the black & white images on a dark background which would be great for an editorial or a more personal story as these images reflect a lot of character.

Finally we shot a mixture of closer up photos. Head and Shoulder images are great for social media avatars where your image size is limited. On the other hand the 3/4 length portraits are great for print publications.

Now whenever Paul needs an image whether it's for the annual report or biography for a speaker commitment or that last minute PR story he is all set and doesn't have to worry about where to find that image.

We also understand how important to get the images to our clients ASAP. Paul came in for a session at lunch and we got a selection of images to him the same day for selection. The next morning he had made his selection of images. The images were retouched and sent to Paul within a couple of hours. 

That included providing high resolution images as well as a web sized image and a set of images re-sized specifically for LinkedIn.

Sydney real estate photographer

I had known Glenn previously when he was working for one of our regular real estate clients. But recently he approached me to let me know that he was starting his own real estate business based in Chatswood and servicing the upper North Shore of Sydney. 

Se we decided to come up with a new look for his staff's headshots. Different, 'Edgy' was how he described the look. It's easy enough to come with something edgy but it still need to be flattering to all body types, ages and genders.

What we came up with is a look that is more edgy than the traditional headshots It's all about the lighting. Traditionally a portrait uses one main light from the side to create a business portrait. But here we are using 2 main light from both side, creating a strong rim light on both sides. It's edgy but it still works for both male and female persons.

The website for Mahon Property is being launched today and we wish them sucess with the new venture.