4 out of 5 North Shore real estate agents use uber photography for their corporate photos

When I recently opened up the North Shore Times newspaper I was pleasantly surprised to see that on a double page featuring local real estate agents, 4 out of the 5 agents used über photography for their corporate photos.

North Shore Times, 4 April 2014

We have been trusted by North Shore real estate agents to take their headshots for over 10 years now.  During that period we have established some long term relationships with the companies and individual agents. This in turn mean that we are able to understand our clients requirements and deliver consistent results.
This in turn ensures that our Real Estate clients can present a consistently branded look and feel to all their print media, business cards and 'our team' webpages.

We often work with our clients from the beginning in order to develop a particular look unique to that client. A great example is Chadwick Real Estate, we came up with a concept together and followed through ever since to create a strong look.