Magazine cover shoot - inside SAP and Rimini Street

I was approached by Rimini Street to shoot a concept for an upcoming magazine cover. The magazine, insideSAP was going to feature my client on the cover and they had to come up with an idea fast.

The client had a rough concept in mind that would highlight Rimini Street as the new alternative for SAP support as opposed to the traditional (and more expensive) support provided by SAP.

The client was able to provide me with this image as a starting point for the concept.

Initial concept supplied by client.

Initial concept supplied by client.

From there we discussed several options that would have the impact required and get the message across. 
Next we got the retoucher on board to discuss the details of the concept and what could be done in Photoshop and how to shoot the image to ensure that the scale and lighting etc all matched up perfectly in the final image.

Since this is a magazine cover we also had to be aware of the requirements by the publisher to be able to add text and graphics on the cover.

A couple of other images had to be sources from stock libraries i.e. a cityscape and a street sign. We managed to find a great image of Sydney at night. 

Next we produced a mock-up for the magazine editor and the client to approve the overall design, layout and size of the final image. Once the mock-up was approved we photographed the talent or in this case my client Andrew Powell from Rimini Street in our studio.

The images where then retouched and composited with the street sign and the cityscape. 

The image includes subtle details such as a weathered SAP sign while the Rimini Street sign is shiny and new. Including the corporate colours and the company tagline.

The image of Sydney in the background reinforces the local presence of Rimini Street in Australia

Once the image was delivered it was up to the publishers to work it into a magazine cover. Below is the final cover as it was printed.

The cover, issue 25 Autumn 2014

The image was used again inside the magazine as part of an article.

and since the magazine is available as an iPad version you also need an image for iTunes.

iTunes using our image to illustrate the download version of the magazine

Client: Rimini Street

Retoucher: Jamie Phillips

Photographer: Chris Buechner, uber photography