Sydney real estate photographer

I had known Glenn previously when he was working for one of our regular real estate clients. But recently he approached me to let me know that he was starting his own real estate business based in Chatswood and servicing the upper North Shore of Sydney. 

Se we decided to come up with a new look for his staff's headshots. Different, 'Edgy' was how he described the look. It's easy enough to come with something edgy but it still need to be flattering to all body types, ages and genders.

What we came up with is a look that is more edgy than the traditional headshots It's all about the lighting. Traditionally a portrait uses one main light from the side to create a business portrait. But here we are using 2 main light from both side, creating a strong rim light on both sides. It's edgy but it still works for both male and female persons.

The website for Mahon Property is being launched today and we wish them sucess with the new venture.