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Corporate headshots: Colour or Black & White?

When it comes to deciding on black and white or colour portraiture for you professional head shots, it's important to consider how you want to come across to your clients, customers or prospective employers.
Black and white portraits can be customised to appear traditional or more artistic depending on your occupation. Authors, actors and models would benefit from a more artistic-style black and white head shot, where as academics, lecturers and executives can opt for a traditional black and white portrait to suit their professional status.
On the other hand, colour portraits exude personality and suggest a modern feel to your photograph. Personal trainers, entertainers, models, real estate agents, financial professionals etc would suit a colour portrait to suggest their personality and to suit their occupation.
Having the option of both to suit your different profiles, websites and portraits for different situations is beneficial to your corporate image and business.

Your Corporate Image - Casual vs Formal

It's important to consider how you want to portray yourself as a professional when it comes to your corporate head shot.
As you can see below, a simple suit jacket, tie or similar business attire can easily change your corporate image from casual to formal. We recommend having the option of using a casual head shot or a formal head shot as this is beneficial to suit appropriate situations; whether you need a LinkedIn profile shot or a photo to accompany your business website. As a visual representative of your company or business, you are immediately more easy to relate to and it also gives you an up-to-date and modern edge for your business.

professional business portrait
Formal Headshot
Relaxed headshot

Sydney real estate photographer

I had known Glenn previously when he was working for one of our regular real estate clients. But recently he approached me to let me know that he was starting his own real estate business based in Chatswood and servicing the upper North Shore of Sydney. 

Se we decided to come up with a new look for his staff's headshots. Different, 'Edgy' was how he described the look. It's easy enough to come with something edgy but it still need to be flattering to all body types, ages and genders.

What we came up with is a look that is more edgy than the traditional headshots It's all about the lighting. Traditionally a portrait uses one main light from the side to create a business portrait. But here we are using 2 main light from both side, creating a strong rim light on both sides. It's edgy but it still works for both male and female persons.

The website for Mahon Property is being launched today and we wish them sucess with the new venture.