The importance of a consistent look for your brand - Sydney commercial photographer

A lot has been said and written on the subject of branding. One thing that everyone agrees on is that consistency is key.

For this reason when First Point Global decided to update their website and team images they came up with a brief for their team photos. 

Although their team is spread over Australia we took the opportunity at a recent  training seminar to photograph as many staff members as possible.

The result is a clean, consistent and happy-looking new Team page. :)

First Point Global

A quick behind the scenes shot of how we set up our mobile studio in a hotel lobby.

A quick behind the scenes shot of how we set up our mobile studio in a hotel lobby.

Corporate real estate photography

I always enjoy seeing the results of our work out there and how it is being used by companies. It is a good reminder just how important it is to always do the best job possible.  

It's also important to see what the final product looks once it is printed. It's valuable feedback and allows us to plan future shoots both in terms of post production but also in how to pose and arrange people as in this case.

Here is the Chadwick Lindfield real estate flyer that was just delivered to our studio.  

Chadwick Real Estate, Lindfield Office

Final composite image delivered to the client

So all that looks fine, however logistically it's not always possible to get all the staff from a office into the studio at the same time. Especially when staff travel frequently, are on the road or are just hard to pin down.  

We understand that and therefore often photograph staff individually when it suits them to come to the studio and then create a team photo by combining the individual images together on one photograph. 

In addition this enables us to add or remove a staff members as required without having to get all the staff back into the studio for a new staff photo when someone leaves or joins the team.  

We are all about helping our clients to save money and making the process as easy as possible.


Individual staff photos

Individual staff photos

Corporate headshots: Colour or Black & White?

When it comes to deciding on black and white or colour portraiture for you professional head shots, it's important to consider how you want to come across to your clients, customers or prospective employers.
Black and white portraits can be customised to appear traditional or more artistic depending on your occupation. Authors, actors and models would benefit from a more artistic-style black and white head shot, where as academics, lecturers and executives can opt for a traditional black and white portrait to suit their professional status.
On the other hand, colour portraits exude personality and suggest a modern feel to your photograph. Personal trainers, entertainers, models, real estate agents, financial professionals etc would suit a colour portrait to suggest their personality and to suit their occupation.
Having the option of both to suit your different profiles, websites and portraits for different situations is beneficial to your corporate image and business.

Sydney headshots: different looks from one session

With uber photography's state of the art portrait photography studio, instead of coming in at different times for different kinds of portraits, our studio lighting as well as beautiful natural lighting enables you to have both relaxed and formal portraits in the same setting.
As you can see from the example below, the subject appears relaxed in a setting similar to a modern lounge room, while a stark white background is perfect for a formal, more traditional form of studio portrait.